about foreachbiscuit

My name is Justin Davies and I am a contractor, working in the UK dealing primarily with ASP.NET, C#, Sql Server and Team Foundation server/ Team System in senior developer and lead architect roles.


I originally started a blog so that I could demonstrate my ability and working practices in such a way as to compliment my contractor CV, but I hope that it has already morphed into more than that.
I am trying to share a little of my opinion and the experiences I’ve had, especially involving interesting technical questions and I hope that other people will find the posts interesting and helpful and I am intrigued as to the comments and feedback particular posts will generate in the community.

ASP.NET Forums member

On the subject of questions, I’m an active member of the ASP.NET forums and many of the ideas for my upcoming posts come from interesting questions and the resulting answer/solution.


One last thing this time about comments – I would like to stress that this is my personal blog and I am looking forward to getting comments (come on post back!) and having a dialogue with readers. However any inflammatory comments or those deemed totally inappropriate will be deleted.

I hope you enjoy the content.


One comment

  1. Justin,

    I just wanted to take the time out to thank you for answering my post yesterday regarding using the MAX(Open24Hours)function.
    I know it must have seemed a simple resolution but I had a big misconception about the MAX() and its abilities. Your example saved me a lot of time. I was about 6 hours (I know I’m an idiot) into finding a proper solution and after lunch had resolved to creating a “View” for every field using “Select * From Table Where FieldName is not Null” then using a relationship to tie them all together. Yikes. But when I came back from lunch and checked my email and saw your reply to my question I soon celebrated my victory over my problem.
    Then I took the time to ponder if you even knew what you did for me and swore that you would know how grateful I am for your help.
    Even though my gratitude does not bare any material wealth, please know that you helping me with my problem made my day so much better and I am very grateful for that.

    Thank you
    Rex Robinson

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