Separation Of Concerns and MVC

May 4, 2008

A common idea in software engineering is a defining principle at the root of object orientated development that seeks to encapsulate parts of an application into distinct areas of concern/responsibility – the Separation Of Concerns principle.

The primary goal is to create functional parts that, when created or modified, do not affect other areas of the system.

The new MVC framework for ASP.NET seeks to address some of the inherent problems in the webforms arena (where concerns are all piled together in pages and controls) by offering an alternative that attempts to separate a request’s concern areas into the MVC pattern to provide encapsulation for each area of responsibility.

Separating presentation from content is at the heart of MVC and the ASP.NET version looks to provide a robust and flexible way of achieving this whilst providing an interfact-driven unit-testable platform to work with.

I’m working with the Preview 2 release of the MVC framework and will be posting about MVC in the near future as we get to grips with our new production applications we are building.

We are looking forward to developing with it and a large number of respected bloggers and developers seem to be doing the same – the ASP.NET tide seems to be turning to custom development on lightweight but sound foundations and is much better for it.


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