Using Team Foundation Server Power Tools (WIT changes part 1)

October 22, 2007

Recently I’ve been customising work item templates in team foundation server – the company I am at have previously been using the CMMI process out-of-the-box but inevitably after some continued use the process now needs some changes and some work item adjusted.

I realise that some companies customise straight away – their processes are clearly defined and TFS needs to be implemented in a particular manner in order for the team to function correctly.
Our situation was less rigid, so it was decided to go with the standard process until it was felt that changes were needed.

Changing work item templates, when new to team foundation server seems quite daunting – the first things I needed to learn about changing the work item templates were the witimport and witexport commands – these allow the import and export of XML definitions for work items on an existing project via the command line and editing the xml by hand was fiddly to say the least.

But with the use of the Team Foundation Server Power Tools it is a relatively painless process and in the latest release, the Visual Studio Team System Process Editor saves the day – it enables a visual representation of the work item templates and processes and allows you to easily customise them, all integrated into Visual Studio.

Before I installed the power tool, I first had to check if I had the Domain-Specific Language Tools for Visual Studio 2005 Redistributable Components installed (what a mouth-full!) as this is a pre-requisite for the process editor.
I didn’t, so I downloaded and installed this first.

Now I was all set up and ready to go – time to make the changes!

In the second part I’ll be exploring the process editor capabilities and what we used to effect our changes.



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