Welcome to the foreachbiscuit blog!

October 1, 2007

In this first post of this developer blog I thought I would set what I intend to write about in the future.
I came across a recent post on problogger about professional blogging that has really helped me to think about the subjects I wish to write about over the coming weeks.
In this post, it suggests an editorial calendar to give shape to your writing and to think about particular themes for your posts – if you are new to blogging (as I am) you may want to take a look at this interesting idea.

So what theme is this blog going to take?
Well, it is primarily a developer’s blog – that is, I intend to write about technical issues and problems that I have come across and discuss the solutions we adopted to solve them.
I will also cover some design and architecture and coding solutions that were of particular interest and that other developers may benefit from reading about.

Using the editorial calendar approach I already have a few that I plan to write about such as:

  • SQL Deadlocks
  • Customised web.config settings
  • Template driven controls with data placeholders

I also intend to write about a particular blog or website article of interest each week and how that has shaped my own thought processes and practices.

A little about biscuit
I am a contractor, working in the UK dealing primarily with ASP.NET, C# and Team Foundation server/ Team System in senior developer and lead architect roles.
As such, my posts may contain content that is limited in the nature of the solution (so as not to impose on client confidentiality) and the client name is always withheld.


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